We sure are! Our home farm is located in Modena, NY with two additional properties in neighboring towns and more to come! We live and work here on the farm with our three children and offer tours of our farm by appointment. Check our our “about us” page for more information.

We are currently available in a variety of local markets in New York and Connecticut. Check out our Store Locator page for more details

Sure are. From pasture to package every step our product takes is in the USA. 

No way! All our farm-raised foods are (and always will be) chemical & MSG free.

You bet. Our entire line is gluten free.

All our animals are pasture-raised in the USA - the flagship heard resides on our family-farm in Hudson Valley, New York. We treat our animals how we'd want to be treated by giving them the freedom to roam and graze under open skies, we'd want to be treated by giving them the freedom feeding them the whole foods and helping their young come into this world safely.

Due to natural variations in product and our cooking methods occasionally you will see little fat deposits on our jerky and bites (just as you would with a steak or burger). These fat deposits are usually little white or off-white deposits and are normal. They don’t mean there is more fat in the product or that anything has spoiled!

If you don’t eat the whole bag of jerky in one sitting like most of us, the oxygen absorber (that little white square) in your jerky or bites bag will maintain freshness for up to 3 days after opening if the bag is zipped back shut, however we suggest refrigerating to guarantee freshness after opening.

Depending on the product our shelf life varies a little but all are 1 year + and an expiration date can be found stamped on the bottom of our packaging.

Yes they are! The coloring in our casings come from plant sources only!