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All Natural Farm Fresh Meat Bundles

Make decisions for breakfast, lunch, and dinner easy with our assortment of farm-to-table meat bundles that let you churn out delicious meals.

Why Not Make Every Meal Taste the Best?

fresh Breakfast Bundles gives you everything you need to make a memorable morning. And our Sausage Samples come with a few lunch and dinner options. If you like surprises, check out our Farmer's Pick or Farm Kids Favorites to see what's for dinner.

A New Kind of Farm Fresh Meat Delivery!
(Limited Area)

A New Kind of Farm Fresh Meat Delivery!<br> <span class='small'>(Limited Area)</span>

A box with nothing but all-natural meat?

We get it. Sometimes you just need the protein. That's why we deliver variety packs of farm-to-table meat to you, safely and sustainably, within 48 hours or ordering. All deliveries arrive fresh inside non-toxic, biodegradable packages. Each shipment is cooled by safe, low-impact dry ice. We also purchase carbon offsets, which sends funds to protect ancient parts of the Amazon for each of your orders.

Delivery to all ZIP Codes in NY, NJ, PA, CT, RI and MA with a transit time of 1-2 days via ground shipping.

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