Local Pickup: Other Goodies

Fresh and delicious, our assortment of locally produced foods will bring the flavor of New York's Hudson Valley into your home. Find wholesome, tasty products that your family is sure to enjoy.

A Taste of the Hudson Valley

Uncover the tastes of our region with products unique to our area along New York's Hudson River. We've selected a range of products that you'll find nowhere else. From staple products like raw honey and local maple syrup to other unique goodies, you'll revisit the special qualities our region has to offer with every bite.

Supporting Local Farms

Supporting Local Farms
As a local farm ourselves, we're committed to supporting local Hudson Valley farms and businesses.

As a result, we've curated this set of tasty treats with our local friends in mind. You'll find that these goodies are not only delicious, but also wholesome and produced in a thoughtful, sustainable way. We're confident that you'll enjoy them just as much as we do.