Local Pickup Dairy & Eggs

Enhance the flavors of every meal with local eggs, milk, and dairy products from Karl Family Farms. Located in New York's Hudson Valley, we feature locally produced dairy products that simply taste better.

Fresh, Local Dairy Products

If you've ever enjoyed local fresh eggs, you understand how delicious the difference can be. Bright and flavorful is a perfect description for eggs that come from happy hens. In addition, we carry locally produced milk that will put store-bought milk to shame. Find these and other items at our local farm store on Route 32 in Modena, NY

Responsibly & Sustainably Raised

Responsibly & Sustainably Raised
It's not difficult to find local eggs, milk, or dairy products, but you'll appreciate the effort we make to ensure that all animals that produce the products we sell are responsibly cared for.

Our family farm philosophy means that we respect our livestock and treat them humanely; we apply the same Page 2 philosophy to those farms whose products we carry too. Ultimately, it's a difference you can taste and feel good about.