Our Family is Made of Many

I want to talk to you today about why we care so much about the family part of our business. While our immediate family is our core, family means so much more to us than just our flesh and blood.

Since we first stepped foot on this farm and started to imagine what Karl Family Farms could be, our "family" has grown and changed in many ways. Our family consists of many, and we don't share genes with all of them. Our family grows each time we bond with someone who reflects the love, compassion, support, and respect we radiate to them.

As Robin Roberts once mused, "The best part of life is when your family becomes friends and when your friends become family." Our farm has undoubtedly given us the best parts of life, uniting us with a diverse group that are our friends and family all in one.

Meet Our Family

I could go on for hours about our beloved extended family, but here are just a few examples of the various individuals that make up our family.

We first met Erica, ten years ago when she bought a Thanksgiving Turkey from us. We love to share deep conversations each time we see each other, and we've watched her sons grow from boys into young men who are now starting lives of their own.

Then there's Anna, who began working for us part-time performing odd jobs. She's not only grown into a crucial part of our staff but also an integral part of our family. Our children see her as a big cousin whom, like our other beloved staff members, we care for like one our own. We hope for a bright future for Anna, here on the farm and beyond.

Prior to starting Karl Family Farms, my first cousin Andrew and I only saw each other a few times a year for most of our lives. Since then, he has grown into a close friend and now lives nearby, sharing in the triumphs and challenges of life on the farm.

And, of course, our children - Kristian, Deacon, and Otto - are why we started this farm and strive to make it better every day.

The list goes on and on, and no two individuals are the same. But each person occupies a space of immense value within our family and our hearts.

Family Inspires Everything We Do

Our philosophy or understanding of family is the inspiration for many of our farming practices. Our love for family drives us to focus on health, sustainability, and the humane treatment of our animals.

Beginning with health, we choose to farm without using harmful chemicals or questionable additives. Why? Because we wouldn't want anything around us, our animals or those we love that could hurt them. And and we don't want those things winding up in our customers' bodies through our products either. We want to provide the healthiest environment and food for our family (and yours) and refuse to compromise on our values.

Regarding sustainability. we have heard it said that we are simply borrowing the earth from the next generation. Despite the realities of climate change and an increasingly modern world, we have hope that a healthier planet lies ahead for the generations to come. We feel that making sustainable choices at every level of our business allows us to support that hope and is an act of love for the world and the future.

As we are all one family of beings on this earth, we believe in treating every living creature with care, compassion, and understanding. This means that we handle our animals humanely for their sake and ours. Stress-free and humane animal care means that our animals are well cared for and respected - and that for the humans working with them, the interactions are positive, happy, and enriching.

From Our Family to Yours

Family is what keeps us going, and we know how important your family is to you (however you define family). That's why we make and grow delicious, nutritious foods for all to enjoy.