Our Growing Family of Cats

At Karl Family Farms, we have many barn cats scampering around our farm. Our primary crew consists of 10 cats that reside in the main barn, having joined the family in a variety of ways.

Some were rescued. Others wandered to our door pregnant, resulting in some of our furry friends being born right here on the farm. And one of our cats was dropped off at the age of 16 and has been living the rest of his life out on the farm.

Who Are the Barn Cats?

Just like the humans and livestock on the farm, the barn cats all have their own unique personalities. Some of them are more aloof and love to spend the days hunting and sunbathing. Others are always ready for a snuggle in the house, like Precious, our eldest cat. If you see a gray cat noisily running toward you, have some treats ready for our youngest cat Shadow (who loves to snack!).

Now that you know our eldest and youngest felines, let's meet the middle children. We have Cookie, Yote, Cookie Junior, Peanut, and Little Diamond who live in the oldest barn on the farm.

We found that different cats prefer to settle in different parts of our farm. Precious and Tiger split their time between the barn and the farmhouse porch, while Blue and Rocky cling to the greenhouse.

Cats' Job on the Farm

Our cats are an important part of Karl Family Farms, and they perform various roles to help out around the barns. Their primary responsibility is to hunt rodents and, at times, birds, reducing the population of unwanted guests. By addressing nuisance wildlife, the barn cats help protect our animals from diseases spread by rodents.