3 Ways Our Fresh Meat Delivery Is Sustainable

Offering delivery on our farm's fresh meat has always been contingent on one thing: Making it more environmentally friendly to order online than it is to drive to our farm stand to pick up.

Not that we don't love seeing you, but we're more than a farm that sells conscientious products; we're a farm trying to figure out how to make the world a better place (on top of making it more delicious).

We know you have the same goals, too.

So we are excited to announce that we've found a formula that has enabled us to deliver fresh meat in a sustainable, carbon-neutral way to 6 states in our region: Connecticut, Massachusettes, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Rhode Island. Starting now, you can order our grass-fed beef and lamb as well as our pasture-raised pork to be delivered right to you.

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Our approach to sustainability starts from the beginning, with the carbon-neutral way we pasture our livestock (rotational grazing) and power our farm (90% of our elecricity comes from our solar panels). But it ends with the low-impact way our meat products arrive to you, and of course, the happiness you take in knowing your meals taste great and don't harm the environment.

That everyday happiness is what we strive for, so read on for more details on how and why our humanely and sustainably raised fresh meat products can be a regular part of your life thanks to our eco-friendly delivery practices.

Environmentally Conscious Packaging

There's no worse feeling than opening up a package and realizing how much plastic or foam the sender used. It bothers us too, which is why we promised ourselves we would only offer delivery if we found a suitable sustainable partner.

Once we tested TemperPack, we knew we had found our winner. They made packaging from 90% FSC paper, sourced from certified sustainable forests, and 10% vegetable starch, all of which is curbside recyclable. The insulating material has the same cooling properties as foam but unlike foam it gets recycled.

Most areas we deliver are familiar with this packaging. If they're new in your area, let TemperPack know and they'll reach out to your waste management provider for you.

Low-Impact Cooling

We decided to ship with dry ice because it offers the most ecological benefits with the least negative environmental impact. It allows us to ship lighter packages, requiring less carbon than the dry ice itself.

Carbon Offsets Protecting Old Growth Rainforests

We struggled with whether to engage in carbon offsets. We know some are better than others, so we decided that if we were to engage in a carbon offset program it would need to have a real and measurable impact. That meant partnering with an offset provider whom was just as passionate about personal responsibility as we are and could show us how our offsets help. Luckily, we found two:

  1. Jari Par Forest Conservation Project in the Amazon, an area of old-growth forest the size of Delaware with over 2,4000 species of flora and fauna.
  2. The Brazil Nut Concession Forest Conservation Project, which is run by nut farmers and protects ancient tropical rainforests in Peru.

A financial contribution is sent to these organizations for every Karl Family Farms product delivery, whether it's jerky or from our provisions store.

Is Your Menu Sustainable?

Through our delivery, you can order a wide variety of fresh, humanely and sustainably raised meat products to create incredible meals.

  • Grass-fed and naturally seasoned hot dogs, taco meat, and hamburgers
  • Grass-fed ground lamb burgers, kebobs, and sausages
  • Pasture-raised pork sausages, bacon, and more!

We've designed our delivery system to be as environmentally conscious as possible. But no system is without fault. However, unless you live within walking distance of our farm, our delivery option is more carbon-neutral than driving to the market yourself. We feel confident that your food will have minimal impact on the environment through the measures we've taken, starting on day one.

Find your next farm-to-table dinner right here.