Beef Jerky Jokes that Will Make You Laugh

Just because you're serious about the quality of meat you eat doesn't mean you can't tell a few funny beef jerky jokes.

After all, you eat pasture-raised, grass-fed beef because you want to enjoy this world in the most honorable way possible. Making people giggle with a well-told joke is just as noble a cause as eating sustainable, humanely-raised meat products.

Telling a good joke makes you approachable and puts others at ease. Beef jerky jokes let you break the ice when you're talking about more serious snacking topics, like why you seek out humanely raised beef products from farms with eco-friendly farming practices.

But before you get to the, er, beef of this article (the jokes), take a few seconds to see if you're prepared to tell jokes about, well, meat.

How to Tell a Beef Jerky Joke like a Pro

Half of telling a joke is in the delivery. Mumbling, acting nervous, speaking in a soft voice...all of these missteps can all send your audience packing before you ever get to the punchline. So, here are a few tips that can make you a better "cow-median," even if just for one joke.

  1. Let loose. Don't be the rib; be the steak! If you're feeling stiff, so will your audience.
  2. Sound more like a pig than a cow. Pig have many different sounds with texture; a cow has one "mooo-notone" note that it always hits. Don't tell a joke like a cow.
  3. Pause before the punchline. This gives your audience time to chew, swallow, and digest the setup.
  4. Have confidence. Hold your head up high, even if your joke accidentally clears the barnyard.
  5. Believe in your joke! If you don't think it's funny, how will anyone else?
  6. Know your audience. Seriously, not everyone is ready to laugh about meat, so be sure to read the room.

How Did We Choose These Jerky Jokes?

When you make beef jerky for a living, people tell you many beef jerky jokes, but they're not all funny, and some are actually pretty bad.

So our first line of business was to cut the bad-bad jokes and keep the good-bad jokes. Then we tried them out, so those that made the final cut have all been kid-tested and mom-and-dad-approved.

10 Hilarious Jokes about Beef Jerky

Now, you're ready to get down to the joke telling. Here are a few of our favorite beef jerky jokes and puns. See if one of these makes someone you love giggle.

1. What happened to the lost beef shipment?

Nobody's herd.

2. What do you call a cow with a twitch?

Beef jerky.

3. Did you hear about the beef jerky manufacturer who was convicted of fraud?

It was a cut and dry case.

4. What did the Jerky say when it met its arch-enemy?

Ah, we meat again!

5. What do you call a steak that's been to the doctor?

Cured meat!

6. Why did the Jerky maker work overtime?

To make ends meat!

7. Why was the butcher so rude?

He was a jerky.

8. What did the beef jerky say to the pork jerky?

Nice to meat you.

9. I forgot to ship out my brother's homemade beef jerky and accidentally ate it instead.

It was a missed steak. Honest.

10. We have our beef jerky process down!

It's cut and dry!

Not Beef Jerking Around!

To laugh at jokes is as good for your soul as to live by your principles. Don't ever forget: You need to laugh so you can remember why you care to be a better person in the first place.

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