These products are currently only available to ship in NY, NJ, PA, CT, RI & MA.

Farm-to-Table Easter Brunch

Spring has finally arrived, and Easter is right around the corner! Kick off your holiday festivities with pastured-raised meat products from Karl Family Farms.

Farm-to-Table Meat without the Middleman
(Limited Area)

Farm-to-Table Meat without the Middleman<br> <span class='small'>(Limited Area)</span>

Farm-to-table meat delivered to your front door?

Yes, you can have Karl Family Farms products shipped directly to your door. And unless you drive here yourself, delivery is the only way to experience our farm fresh meats.

We don't sell to supermarkets or even local markets. We take too much pride in the quality of our meat to send it off to a third party. Besides, doing so would increase our carbon footprint.

Before, this meant only local Hudson Valley residents and restaurants cooked with our meat. Now, we can ship it directly to you with less environmental impact than it would take for us to sell the meat in a store.

Delivery to all zip codes in NY, NJ, PA, CT, RI and MA.

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