Get Our Farm-Fresh Meat Shipped Right to Your Door

We know you love our amazing jerky, beef bites, and meat sticks. But sometimes you just want to cook up something fresh and delicious. While Karl Family Farms offers local pickup for our farm-fresh provisions, it's taken us some time to find a sustainable way to ship meat from our farm to your table.

Now there's another way to try our grass-fed beef and lamb or our pasture-raised pork. Through a carbon neutral shipping process, you can have our farm's fresh meat delivered anywhere in NY, NJ, CT, MA, PA, or RI.

Pasture-Raised Pork Products for Delivery

When it comes to our fresh pork, we have plenty of sweet and tender options! You can pick from thick-cut bacon, sweet sausages, savory sausages, and even more. If you can't decide, you can always try our Breakfast Meat Bundle to experience both our incredible bacon and mouthwatering breakfast sausages.

Natural pork tastes a little different because it's sweeter than most, but our particularly juicy flavor comes from the way we raise our pigs. They're born on our farm and then allowed to roam our nutrient-rich grasslands right here in the Hudson Valley.

Grass-Fed Beef & Lamb Options

Looking to feed the whole family? Our Hudson Valley 100% grass-fed and finished beef helps you make tacos, hamburgers, and sauces that are sure to please the whole table. And kids love our true New York-style beef hot dogs.

Our grass-fed lamb is also tender and irresistibly earthy. If you're looking to make buttery smooth meatballs, our small batch ground lamb offers a mild alternative to beef or pork. And our lamb merguez sausages add a Mediterranean flair to dinnertime.

The special flavor of our fresh meats comes from the pastures of nutrient-dense Hudson Valley grass that the cows and sheep graze on freely. The mineral-rich pastures ensure a refined taste and a healthy diet without any hormones, antibiotics, or chemicals.

Shipping from Us Directly to You

Now that we've enticed you, how do our amazing fresh meats find their way from Karl Family Farms to you?

Orders are shipped only on Mondays and Tuesdays for an estimated delivery between Tuesday and Thursday. We do this to ensure that your meats are never held by a carrier over the weekend or spend longer than 48 hours in transit.

We've also found that the best way to ship our fresh meat is in a TemperPack box lined with foam insulation and dry ice. The package cooling system lasts for 72 hours, so no matter when it's shipped the contents will still be fresh and cool when it arrives.

The packaging itself is environmentally friendly, made from 90% paper and 10% vegetable starch. And it's curbside recyclable in most places.

We're so excited to bring these great fresh meat options to you right from our own farm. We can't wait to see what delicious meals you cook up!

Get your next farm fresh meal right here.