Local Pickup Meat

Enjoy the rich flavor of local, pasture-raised meat from our Hudson Valley farm. Find local grass-fed beef, as well as pasture-raised porkand lamb. From steaks to sausage, we have a delicious option for every meal.

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Fresh, Local Meats

If you're looking for locally raised meats in New York's Hudson Valley, visit Karl Family Farms' roadside farmstand in Modena, NY. We have an assortment of grass-fed beef products including steaks and roasts, as well as pasture-raised pork sausages, steaks and even bacon. In addition, you'll also find our locally made beef jerky.

Responsibly & Sustainably Raised

Responsibly & Sustainably Raised
While you can likely buy local meat anywhere, you'll appreciate that all our livestock at Karl Family Farms is responsibly and sustainably raised.

Our family farm philosophy means that our pasture-raised animals are free to graze under open skies with a natural diet free from additives like hormones and antibiotics. The result is delicious, natural meats that you can feel good about.