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Pasture-Raised Hot Italian Sausage

A hot Italian sausage with just enough heat to make an impact, but not enough to burn. Made with rich pasture-raised pork and the perfect combination of spices.

Pasture-raised pork, ground with sweet fennel, tangy garlic, and a touch of spicy, crushed red pepper. This sausage goes great with pasta, peppers and onions, or even in a bun.

Pasture-raised pork, water, salt, fennel seeds, crushed red pepper, paprika

Just the Right Amount of Spice

A classic hot sausage made with farm-fresh pork and the perfect balance of spices.

Just the Right Amount of Spice
The key to a great hot Italian sausage? A few basic ingredients at just the right mix.

The key to a good hot Italian sausage is simplicity. That's why ours are made with quality pasture-raised pork and flavorful spices in the right combination -- nothing more and nothing less. To get it just right, we tested a wide mix of spices until we found the perfect blend. Our Italian sausages have just enough spice for a little kick while still allowing the natural flavors to shine through.

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