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Nitrate-Free Homestyle Bacon

Smokey and ever so savory, our thick cut bacon is always a crowd pleaser. Each strip is thick enough to hold its own on your plate but thin enough to cook on the crispy side.

Cuts of medium thick, nitrate-free bacon made with pasture-raised pork, sea salt and a touch of cane sugar. About 12 strips per order.

Pasture-raised pork, sea salt, cane sugar.

Experience Perfectly Cut Bacon Strips

No chemicals. No junk. Simply 100% pure bacon.

Experience Perfectly Cut Bacon Strips
Everyone makes bacon, but only a few make bacon memorable.

Great bacon takes time to create. The meat should be cut to perfection - not too thick, not too thin. It doesn't need nitrates or other chemicals, and it doesn't sit around on the shelf for weeks.

The best bacon comes from the best hogs, and that's one of our specialties. Our secret ingredient? It's simply pork raised healthfully and freely on large pastures.

Delivery Information:

  • We only deliver to NY, NJ, MA, CT, RI and PA (all zip codes).
  • Shipping is free on orders $75 and over. Regular rates apply otherwise.

Delivery Schedule:

We only ship on Monday and Tuesday each week, with a 24-48-hour delivery window. This guarantees your meats never get held by the carrier over the weekend.

  • Order before 10 am on Monday for Delivery Tuesday or Wednesday.
  • Order before 10 am Tuesday for Delivery Wednesday or Thursday.
  • Orders placed Wednesday to Sunday will ship the following Monday for delivery Tuesday or Wednesday.
  • We use easily recyclable shipping containers and for each delivery we purchase carbon offsets that protect old-growth areas in the Amazon Rainforest.

Visit our Delivery FAQ to find information about our delivery program.