Why Karl Family Farms Makes Jerky

There's no snack quite like beef jerky. It's a steak you can snack on and a nutritious and delicious treat. Rich, mouthwatering, smoked meat you can take anywhere -- jerky is a one-of-a-kind treat and the undisputed champion of the snack aisle.

But it's much more than a snack: it's a lifestyle and a tradition, and the culture of jerky runs deep at Karl Family Farms.

A Traditional Family Snack

Kris Karl, founder of Karl Family Farms, traces his love of good jerky back to his childhood when his father would take him hunting. On the way, they'd skip the snack at the gas station and instead stopped at the local butcher who would hand him fresh, dried and smoked meat out of a paper bag.

The jerky Kris enjoyed was delicious and unlike anything he had ever experienced. It was just as satisfying as a chocolate bar. So much so, it became Farmer Kris's favorite treat.

How We Started Making Jerky

Years later, when children entered Farmer Kris's life, he began looking at food differently. He now had young lives to think about. Running a large homestead farm using solar power, he was able to provide simple, farm-to-table meals for his family, but snacks were a lot trickier. It's hard to make anything better to a kid than a Flamin' Hot Dorito or an Oreo using only the bounty found on the farm. Farmer Kris didn't want his kids to get used to junk food.

The memory of his father's butcher and the wonderful snacks he created lit a new fire for Kris and he got to work. Creating healthy recipes using simple, natural ingredients became a passion. The pasture-raised livestock on the farm was the perfect starting point to make delicious meat snacks.

Becoming Known for Jerky

The Karl family kids were such fans of the meat snacks that Kris soon started offering them fresh meat products at the local farmer's market. Needless to say, it didn't take long until the Karl family began selling out of products and answered the demand by making more. Soon, markets around the Hudson Valley began offering Karl Family Farm's jerky.

Jump to now, and the jerkies, sticks and bites are delivered throughout the U.S. and included in a variety of the best subscription boxes available.

Wholesome, Natural Ingredients Make the Difference

Even though there's no shortage of jerky brands out there today, it's not that easy to find the kind of authentic, high-quality jerky Farmer Kris used to get in the paper bag as a kid. Too much of the jerked meat out there now contains unnecessary and unhealthy ingredients.

That's why Karl Family Farms set out to make the perfect jerky, like the kind Farmer Kris used to get at the butcher. To do so, they are guided by three primary standards.

The best quality jerky is:

  1. Delicious
  2. Good for you
  3. Humane and sustainable

These three qualities are surprisingly hard to find on the shelves. Jerky can be made in many different ways, but what makes Karl Family Farms stand out are the extraordinary ingredients.

  • Hudson Valley grass and forage
  • Free-roaming, humanely raised beef and pork
  • Natural ingredients

Using a rotational grazing system, the Karl's grass is nutrient-rich with deep roots that stave off erosion.

Raised in numbers proportionate to the land they graze; their livestock roam free and live longer lives than others.

Their ingredient list is minimal and uses ingredients everyone can understand. The focus is on the intersection of the naturally rich flavor of the meat with the support of the savory, smokey, spicy, or sweet marinades.

Delicious Jerky You Can Feel Good About

Jerky is a snack in its own league. It's hearty enough to eat like a lunch but with enough satisfying flavor to feel like a treat. Karl Family Farms loves it. They live it, and they make it the best way possible with all of their heart. For them, it's not just a healthy meal; it's a lifestyle. They make delicious, top-quality jerky because it's just who they are.