We raise our turkeys in what we believe to be the healthiest and best manner possible for the turkeys, you (our valued customers) and our land. Our turkeys are raised outside with access to mobile huts that are moved to fresh pasture daily.  This allows them to gobble, forage, and roam freely within a perimeter fence that keeps them safe from predators. Our birds are fed a certified organic and non-gmo diet to supplement their natural foraging. Due to the nature of truly free-range birds we cannot guarantee exact sizes however we should have birds from 9-20lbs. We choose turkeys that are vigorous foragers who are hardy and develop a deeper flavor than industrially raised birds. Our birds are processed right here on the farm in the most humane way possible and will be ready fresh (never frozen) the week of Thanksgiving.

*** We will begin taking reservations for Thanksgiving Turkeys on 7/1