Our hens live in a mobile coop that provides them with a safe place to sleep and lay their eggs as it moves along the pasture following our cows and sheep. The hens roam freely in and out of the coop foraging on plants and bugs while healing and improving our land. The hens forage based diet is supplemented with NY sourced grain. The combination of their forage based diet and healthy supplemental feed  makes our eggs much higher in Beta Carotene, Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Omega 3's as well as lower in cholesterol and saturated fat than standard factory farm eggs. Our hens are never given antibiotics or hormones. We raise Pearl White Leghorn, Rhode Island Red, Aracuana, Cuckoo Maran and Welsummer hens all of which are traditional breeds who forage well and live long productive lives. These girls provide us with chocolate brown, speckled, light brown, white and blue/green eggs which makes opening a dozen or half dozen eggs from Karl Family Farms a fun experience!