Pork Sticks

Karl Family Farms pork sticks are savory, anytime snacks that everyone enjoys. Featuring our one and only jalapeño pork stick, our delicious pork sticks deliver a world of sweetness and spice with every bite.

Simplicity Is the Key to Flavor

The secret to making our pork sticks taste so good is simplicity. We start with pasture-raised pork, add a blend of spices, and cure them to create the best pork jerky sticks you've ever had. Additives, chemicals, or preservatives are never used and the results speak for themselves - a delicious pork stick you can feel good about.

Re-energize with a Healthy Pork Stick

Re-energize with a Healthy Pork Stick
Our pork snack sticks will put gas in your tank when you're running low.

Gluten-free, low in carbs and high in natural protein, these little beauties contains eight grams of protein and 120 calories which will pick you up when you need it most. Better yet, our sticks are tasty, portable and easily enjoyed on the go.

Pork sticks
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