Local Pickup Poultry

Our local chicken is something that your entire family will enjoy! Farm-fresh and full of flavor, our chicken is pasture-raised on our farm in New York's Hudson Valley. Never had it? You're in for a treat.

Fresh, Local Chicken

Searching for local, farm fresh chicken? Karl Family Farms features local, pasture-raised chicken here in New York's Hudson Valley. We have a selection of chicken products including thighs and breasts as well as whole or half chickens. No matter how you fix it, you'll taste the difference of our locally raised chicken.

Responsibly & Sustainably Raised

Responsibly & Sustainably Raised
While there may be many places to buy local chicken and poultry, you can rest assure that all our birds at Karl Family Farms are responsibly raised.

Our chickens can move around, and they're fed a wholesome diet without the use of GMO-grains, antibiotics, orhormones. The result is delicious, natural chicken that you can feel good about.