Naturally flavored, great tasting jerky is what you'll find at Karl Family Farms. Crafted using pasture-raised meats and traditional recipes, our jerky snacks are a delicious, everyday treat.

Our Secret to Great Flavor

The key to our great-tasting jerkies is really no secret; pasture-raised meats, traditional recipes and attention to detail make a great jerky. We start with animals raised on small farms in New York's Hudson Valley, marinate the meats with spices and then gently cure them to create some of the best jerky you'll ever eat. Our difference is delicious.

Jerky Snacks that Fuel Activity

Jerky Snacks that Fuel Activity
High in protein, low in calories, and gluten-free, our jerky is a hearty snack that packs light.

Ideal for activities like hiking or camping, Karl Family Farms' jerkies are equally well-suited for the home or office. Moreover, our jerky can be easily integrated into a variety of today's most popular diets. When you're looking for a tasty, healthful snack, look no further than our jerky.

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