A delicious change in gears..

Producing high quality meats is something that our family takes very seriously. We love food and enjoy knowing that we are able to provide ourselves and our customers with humanely raised and healthy meats. We even love knowing that we can take many previously "guilty favorites" such as bacon and sausage and make them something that is packed full of health benefits such as omega's, CLA and all the vitamins and minerals that our pasture raised and grass-fed animals pick up from their natural diets. Animals raised right have all the good stuff naturally!


It was with this sentiment that we decided to start making cured products. We wanted to satisfy the cravings for jerky, beef sticks, and salamis with products that are not only delicious but high in protein and packed with the good stuff. We believe that all of our cured products are the highest quality possible and since they are free of nitrates, nitrites, hormones and antibiotics there is nothing to feel guilty about at all!


Our Jerky and Salami's can be purchased at any of our locations as well as right here on our website!