Karl Family Farms Buying Clubs

A Buying Club is a group of neighbors (friends, family, co-workers, etc.) who collectively order a set minimum worth of product from Karl Family Farms at whatever interval they choose. We have designed our buying clubs to be as convenient as possible. The buying club gives you assurance that you will stay stocked-up on our products without having to trek to the farmers market, deal with the uncertainty of CSA shares or travel to the farm. With our buying clubs you get what you want exactly when and where you want it!

How does it work?

Each Buying Club has an organizer who serves as the contact person and site host. The organizer works with Jenn, our Buying Club Coordinator, to set up the delivery day and location. While all buying club members receive a 10% discount the organizer receives a 15% discount for their added help!

• Prior to the scheduled delivery Buying Club members will be able to log in to a private online store to see this months availability and place their orders and pay for their items (there is an option to pay cash or check at delivery as well)

• On the delivery day the farm truck arrives at the delivery site. Buying Club members receive their products and make payment via cash or check if they haven't paid online.

• Buying Club members head home with their products, we continue on with our deliveries.

• We all meet back in the same spot next time to keep you supplied with our products!

What are the group minimums?

  • $300 within 25 miles of the farm

  • $600 within 50 miles of the farm

  • $900 within 100 miles
    (Keep in mind that we don’t care if you have 1 member or 100!) 


Ready to start a group? Contact us so we can get you stocked up on our delicious and healthy products!


Whats Available this month?